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In 1987 Pine Ridge Enterprises introduced their new line of burners. The burner design accomplished three main objectives: efficient fuel consumption, low operating noise level, and long term reliability. Capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 2700 degrees Fahrenheit and whisper quiet, these burners quickly became a favorite with glass factories and hot glass studio artists. In recent years the burners have become increasingly popular with metal artists, blacksmiths, and other industries that require high temperature processes.

After over 20 years, Pine Ridge Burners have earned a reputation for being one of the best built, longest lasting burners on the market. In fact, some of the original burners are still in service. Today there are hundreds of our burners in daily use in over 20 countries world-wide

Most burners on the market are of the “retention tip” type. The fuel/air mixture passes straight through the burner and into the firing chamber. Retention tips do help improve flame stability and give a focused spot heat, but they do little to improve the fuel/air mix and they can be noisy. The Pine Ridge Burner is not a retention tip. The fuel/air mix first enters a chamber called a plenum. This plenum is baffled to further mix the fuel and air. (The better the fuel/air mix, the better the burn). This improved fuel/air mix then exits the plenum through a series of alloy steel metering orifices. The metering orifices accurately supply the fuel/air mix to a honeycomb of larger delivery orifices in the burner head. Burning the fuel through many orifices spreads the heat out evenly over a wide area. It also makes the burner very quiet. The Pine Ridge Burner is often referred to as a “ribbon burner” because it creates a “ribbon” of flame.

What makes the Pine Ridge Burner so durable?

The burner starts with a 12 gage steel shell. The plenum portion of the shell is separated from the burner block by a .25″ steel baffle plate. This plate is welded solid inside the shell at all points, completely eliminating any potential for leakage between the block/shell interface. The alloy steel metering orifices are press fit into the baffle plate and extend well up into the burner block. This insures dependable, accurate fuel mixture delivery throughout the life of the burner. The burner block itself is a cast refractory with a maximum recommended use temperature of 3100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is specially formulated to withstand repeated heating/cooling cycles. The burner block is 5″ deep, with 2″ invested into the steel shell and another 3″ extending beyond the shell. These burners are workhorses, designed to deliver years of dependable service in the most demanding production situations.

A choice…”GH” Series  or “LP” Series Burner

The Pine Ridge Burner comes in two styles. Externally the two styles are identical, the differences are all internal.

The “GH” Series is designed for use with a high pressure blower (7″ water column pressure or greater). This style is designed for those that want to run several appliances with one blower, or those wanting to use our bigger burners to fire large chambers.

The “LP” Series is designed for use with a low pressure blower (1″ to 5″ water column pressure). This burner is ideal for the stand alone appliance such as a small glory hole or metal forge.

See our FAQpage for more information on which burner is right for your application.

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